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Yong An Dream เนรมิตฝันแดนหย่งอัน (2024) ซับไทย EP.1-24

As the chaos in Yong’an escalates, Shen Zhen finds herself navigating the harsh realities of the streets, her sheltered existence shattered. Meanwhile, Lu Shiyan’s pursuit of justice becomes intertwined with his unexpected connection to Shen Zhen, leading them both into an uncertain future. Despite the odds stacked against them, their collaboration leads to significant revelations about the West Canal collapse. However, as they draw closer to the truth, they also attract the attention of a formidable adversary, whose presence threatens their newfound bond and jeopardizes their lives. As they confront the looming danger, Shen Zhen and Lu Shiyan must rely on each other’s strength and determination to survive the treacherous journey ahead.


TV Status: Ended